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"My greatest enjoyment as a PH is to wander in those parts of Africa where you can still sense & feel the voices of a savage continent. It is about finding yourself alone in the bush, the savanna, the deserts and realising how insignificant we really are.

Africa offers this experience and I am committed to ensure generations of hunters & their children experience this through the safaris I personally conduct each year"

Pete Swanepoel jnr - May, 1997

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why hunt with Safaribwana?


" SafariBwana has been owner operated and run since 1997 offering successful hunting safaris throughout southern and central Africa. I have hunted South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Namibia and Zambia all with success. My reference list is freely available to all interested parties and they are testament to my ability and experience "


so what's different? be honest... I got tired of the BS... - I really get peeved at the spin doctors of safari - there are so many damn people selling the "real Africa" that I get frantic, this is not what the real Africa is about, it's not a supermarket! Africa has many different hunting destinations each with it's own unique attraction and animals, each with it's own style of hunting and you as a client deserves to know exactly what you are getting into from a Professional Hunter that has been there and still does that!

I have stuck to one basic principal with all the safaris I offer: when you book a hunt with me, I am committed to you and this means you hunt with me, no other PH, so know who you're getting.

It works for me because I know my name depends upon your success and I take you to areas I know will produce what I have laid down! You also get to talk to me and meet me before hand so you know I have 2 arms and 2 legs.

why hunt with safariBwana
Safaribwana is a registered US LLC offering you legal and financial security and peace of mind when you book a safari with me. I'm a phone call away and I will personally fly to see you in the US if you are definite for an African hunt, no one else can make that promise. I also accept credit card payments up to a point and you can also send me a check, I live in Denver, Colorado. So I make it easy for you all the way to Africa no matter where and what you are hunting.

know before you go! ©

With all my hunts I have always believed in one thing, you have the right to know everything about the safari you are about to pay allot of money for and in this regard I am totally up front with all fees and costs for your hunt. I know what goes down in each area I hunt so there are no surprises and there is no nickel & dime BS at the end, you know every detail about your safari.

REMEMBER - I am the owner of SafariBwana, I am your PH and your outfitter so I can't hide or make excuses.

"I speak of Africa and golden joys" ; the joy of wandering through lonely lands; the joy of hunting the mighty lords of the wilderness, the cunning, the wary, and the grim." Theodore Roosevelt - 1908

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