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welcome Bwana!welcome Bwana!

We need to act now, with speed, with determination, taking what we have learnt from our past mistakes and using our combined strength in this fight with a resolve to win at all costs.

Each tree that is felled for charcoal, every pangolin snared for its scales, each elephant carcass lying in the hot sun with face hacked off, each lion poisoned or speared for its trespass  - it all adds up, it snowballs like an avalanche until one day when we say it is now time to take action - it is already too late.

Born in Lusaka in 1968, I have spent the greater part of my life in the wilderness of Zambia, from my earliest memories I have wandered the greatest parts of this country, mostly in pursuit of its wild game but also to quell the longing within my soul for the Zambian bush.

To be sure, to truly hold the protection of a piece of Africa as priority, you need to have grown up in it, you need to have played in it and it needs to be part of your soul and very existence for you to appreciate the importance of its survival.



Land for Lions is a SafariBwana initiative - based upon a lifetime of living in the Zambian wilderness as a professional hunter and interacting with Lions as my primary target. The goal is to secure as much land through community partnerships and private ownership in order to create a safe wilderness zones which are under strong protection from encroachment and poachers. Key threats to much of Zambias remaining wilderness is bushmeat and commercial trade poaching as well as land conversion for charcoal production and agricultural expansion.

My experience in hunting and managing the vast government controlled concessions as safari operator points at 2 key factors for success - secure tenure over the land in question, be it under tribal or private ownership AND wildlife law enforcement above and beyond that required or provided by the Zambian authorities.

At Nsansala Conservancy in the Muchinga escarpment we have the opportunity to establish such a piece of wilderness, much of which still remains intact and undisturbed. Much of the land in this region is under private title lending itself to a conservancy based conservation objective yet time is of the essence as many farm owners are already clearing trees for charcoal production and crops.

In addition serious conflict already exists between the herds of cattle and goats and the large predators of the area. Hyenas, Lion and Leopard all prey upon the livestock and there have been numerous cases of poisoning in the region. Unfortunately this has resulted in the demise of  entire packs of Hyena and flocks of vultures as well as the shooting of a whole pride of Lions by wildlife officers.

Our primary focus is to generate funds and interest to allow our anti-poaching and forestry teams to prevent the further human - wildlife conflict killings as well as poaching and deforestation - this is essential and our goal is to have more boots on the ground each day.


clearcut forests to make room for crops and livestock!clearcut forests to make room for crops and livestock!