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Zambia for 2007 - I have sourced some of the best hunting Zambia has to offer, I have reviewed the concessions and the outfitters and I have redesigned the way Zambia sells safaris. You will not find a better or more suited choice from anyone else and as usual these hunting opportunities come with SafariBwana's guarantee of reliability and trust. To date we have not had a dissatisfied client and our offerings in Zambia are set to continue in this tradition. Remember, I am not some agent who visits Africa once a year to find business, I am a professional hunter, actively involved each season in finding my clients the best trophies out there.

Hunting in Zambia is a complicated beast and at the best of times quite confusing. There are numerous hunting concessions, there are even more people selling safaris to Zambia and there are even more safari designs or structures that will be thrown your way. If you need a clearer explanation of how this mechanism works, follow this link

We're not fly-by-nights as some people may make us out to be. I am an active and qualified Zambian professional hunter involved in the hunting industry for many years. My family has been here for 4 generations and I have been going into the Zambian bush to hunt since I was 5 years old. I'm not a foreigner who can escape or blame a third party, I stand in the firing line of the wildlife authorities and hunting associations here, my very livelihood depends upon 100 % performance and satisfaction.

If you need further assurance I have an extensive list 100 percent satisfied clients for your reference and clarification.

beauty & the beast busanga monster
Lion - Zambia is your best bet for big Lion over the next few years. Since hunting re-opened in 2003 some monsters have been taken and, the recent move reducing Lion and Leopard quota in most hunting concessions is a step in the right direction. Lion are already under pressure through-out Africa and to keep the quality of our Lion high, I cannot give more praise to the Zambia Wildlife Authority.

Leopard - Zambia has no shortage of this bad tempered, elusive cat and if you choose a concession with a track record then your patience will be rewarded. I was outwitted once and then almost mauled, 3 times, when my shotgun misfired on the last cat hunt of the season. If you want some heart pumping adrenaline, then try get into a Leopard hunt for 2006.

Buffalo - our buffalo were fantastic in 2005, with each hunt proving a challenge and a well worked for reward. The buffalo that frequent the Kafue concessions just seem to be bigger and meaner. For 2006 we offer both the Kafue and the Luangwa valley, famous for its great herds. Kafue is good early on while Luangwa tends to be better towards the end of the year if you can bear the heat.
The antelopes - over the last 4years Zambia has produced Africa's largest Sable. Added to this, you can realistically hunt for large Roan, the endemic Kafue and Black Lechwes, Sitatunga, Livingstones Eland, Kudu and more. Usually you'd concentrate on one of the big boys, Lion, Leopard or Buff and then these other jewels will be taken during the course of daily hunting. We took a 47 inch Sable while there are reports of a 50 inch monster coming out of Kasonso Busanga.
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