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In Mozambique we offer safaris that take you off the beaten track, deeper into the hunting concessions for spectacular trophies at prices you can't beat. Our 2012 season was 100% on all species with some magnificent beasts and experiences - if you want 'proper' PH's with a proven contactable reference list then look no further.

Having grown up here and hunted both the Luangwa and Kafue from age 12, I am a proper PH and Outfitter with a family name that has been in the business for generations. Sure there are agents who have perhaps been on a hunt to a couple of the concessions in Mozambique and South Africa BUT none of them can claim to have the depth of knowledge and hands on experience that I do. As a working PH I am also not tied to any concession, I'm a bit like a nomadic Lion I tend to go where the game is good and fat!


Our flagship property in Mozambique is privately owned by Niassaland Safari, sI have personally hunted this area for the past 3 years and have shot some excellent buffalo there. However our quota is limited to 3 bufaloper year making this a proper 10 day hunt instead of just a shooting trip.


10 day Buffalo hunt on a 2x1 basis - $15,850

10 day Buffalo hunt on a 1x1 basis - $16,850

We have access to the TUVI hunting bock on the southern shores of lake Cahorra Bassa which offers good bufalo hunting and a host of other plainsgame species including Sable, Hippo and Crocodile.

Cahorra Bassa

7 day Buffalo hunt on a 2x1 basis - $15,000

7 day Buffalo hunt on a 1x1 basis - $16,850

These hunts are all inclusive - the Buffalo trophy fee, all government licenses and permits, rifle import fee - NO extra concession fees etc.

The extra's
- standard dip and pack for trophies taken

- Tips for the camp staff and the game scout – approx. $750
- Duty on ammunition into Mozambique – approx. $150



Buffalo Hunting in Zambia


Our flagship property in South Africa offers over 12,000 acres of privately owned Cape Buffalo hunting adventures.

South Africa has become the destination of choice for hunters seeking 100% success on very good sized Buffalo as well as a plethora of additional species. It is a country that is both easy to get to, no risks of Malaria and no hassles with Firearms.

This property boasts a herd of over 100 buffalo (unique to private land) and allows any of the bulls to be selected for hunting - you are not forced to shoot a particular animal with a tag in it's ear.

All inclusive prices for a 7 Day Cape BUffalo Safari starts as low as $16,900 all in.

EMAIL PETE for more details


7, 10 OR 14 day Sitatunga hunt in Zambia's vast Bangweulu swamps, the ideal habitat for this elusive spiral horned antelope.

The hunt is all inclusive - and I meant it - you decide whether you want 7, 10 or 14 days - the price remains the same except you may want to fly in instead of the drive to and from the swamps - then you'll need a charter.

All else is included - the sitatunga trophy fee, all government licenses and permits, rifle import fee, dip and pack for trophies, road transport in and out of Bangweulu - ALL IN! no one else offers you this type of deal - the only thing is it is on a 2x1 basis!

You get to hunt the endemic Black Lechwe - found only here in the Bangweulu not in the western Kafue areas - so this safari makes sense all round. We will also arrange to take you for the Kafue Lechwe if you desire - a day trip out of Lusaka.

2x1 price - 7,10 or 14 days - $16,900

1x1 price - 7,10 or 14 days - $18,900


Sitatunga hunt in Zambia

Leopard Hunting Safaris in Mozambique

14 Day Leopard and Sable safari - this classical safaris focuses on the elusive spotted cat while you have the choice of taking Sable as one of your prime plainsgame species amongst others such as Hippo, Buffalo and Crocodile on the trophy list - remember this is a true hunt - it is not Leopard hunting with dogs!

Total Safari price - $21,500

Inclusive of all hunting services, all government licenses and fees, Dip & Pack, road transport from Tete airport.

Email for full details

MOZAMBIQUE LION HUNTS - Top of the list for Mozambique hunting must be the Lion that frequent the country especiallyin the northern sectors near the Niassa Reserve.

Today, there are stil a few 'reasonable' hunts out there - by this I mean you're still going to have to pay decent dollar but the areas I know and have access to, can and do produce some magnificent Lions - prices start from $58,000 all inclusive!

Email me if you'd like further information regarding Mozambique Lion hunts - EMAIL



For further information and full safari details please do not hesitate to contact Pete Swanepoel @ +1-720-277 1920 OR EMAIL