Change is inevitable - Welcome to HUNT LOGIC!

Try as we may, as professional hunters and safari operators, there is no halting progress even though the parameters within which we operate were laid down in the very early days of African exploration. The world moves fast, time is of the essence and more importantly technology has become crucial - yes even in the hunting business.

As you know, I'm old school - I grew up wandering the banks of the Kafue river, barefoot and shirtless toting my trusty BSA No 1. pellet gun with great success on cormorants, doves, darters and green pigeons. As many out there I want my childhood back - perhaps we haven't grown up yet and this is what I carry into my work as a professional hunter - the traditions I learnt back then.

Yet, the dinosaurs didn't survive and neither will I unless I embrace change and adapt to the the way the rest of the world is moving - thus the purpose of this announcement.


HUNT LOGIC you pull the trigger, we do the rest.

Booking an international hunt is more than just picking a destination. Hunt Logic is a full service international hunting agency based in the Western US. Our experience abroad coupled with strategic alliances with reliable outfitters, PH's, and travel specialists ensures you a lifetime experience and success in the bush.

Powered by the brilliance and honesty of SafariBwana we aim to be your first contact when the journey begins. We specialize in Dangerous Game, Classical Safari's and old school Foot Hunting! Having recently acquired our own concessions in Mozambique our portfolio of options is continually growing, (enquire about our Monster Croc & Hippo special.)

Contact us for your next African adventure.



(Hunt Logic is a SafariBwana initiative)