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here's a quick roundup of what we have on offer at this stage of the season - there's some unsold or cancelled deals on elephant in Botswana at great prices - we have the cheapest 'quality' Buffalo hunts around AND without a doubt our Sitatunga expeditions are at an unheard of price for 2010



Sankuyo (NG34) & Joverega (NG41) - 14 day safari for $37,900

The normal price of this safari is $47,900 - avalable dates are: 22 April - 7 May 2010 & 1 - 16 June 2010 - CLICK below for more info on what's included and what extra fees to expect!

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2x1 Buffalo Safari - Zambia's best Buffalo in 2010

This is a working Buffalo hunt - it is not for the feint hearted nor can you expect to sit around and shoot a buffalo from the vehicle - it requires hard work and much walking up and down hills in a day - BUT it is a proper buffalo hunt and we've had 100 percent success if you put in the work.

7 day Buffalo hunt on a 2x1 basis - $12,850

7 day Buffalo hunt on a 1x1 basis - $14,950

The hunt is all inclusive - and I meant it - the Buffalo trophy fee, all government licenses and permits, rifle import fee, dip and pack for trophies, flight in and out of the area - ALL IN! no one else offers you this type of deal!



7, 10 OR 14 day Sitatunga hunt in Zambia's vast Bangweulu swamps, the ideal habitat for this elusive spiral horned antelope.

The hunt is all inclusive - and I meant it - you decide whether you want 7, 10 or 14 days - the price remains the same except you may want to fly in instead of the drive to and from the swamps - then you'll need a charter.

All else is included - the sitatunga trophy fee, all government licenses and permits, rifle import fee, dip and pack for trophies, road transport in and out of Bangweulu - ALL IN! no one else offers you this type of deal - the only thing is it is on a 2x1 basis!

2x1 price - 7,10 or 14 days - $11,900

1x1 price - 7,10 or 14 days - $14,900


ZAMBIA Leopard Hunting Safaris 2010 - Nyamvu & Munyamadzi Private Reserves

NYAMVU and MUNYAMADZI PRIVATE GAME RESERVES in Zambia's southern Laungwa Valley - this private piece of "old Africa" offers unhurried hunting as experienced way back when and offers 100 percent success on Leopard and Roan plus a good general plainsgame bag - for the price this is not a hunt with dogs or with spotlights - it is African Hunting at it's finest in that part of Africa where the classic safari is still king!

14 Day Leopard and Roan safari - this classical safaris focuses on the elusive spotted cat while you have the choice of taking Roan as one of your prime plainsgame species amongst others such as Hippo, Buffalo and Crocodile on the trophy list - remember this is a true hunt - it is not Leopard hunting with dogs!

Total Safari price - Nyamvu - $29,750

Total Safari price - Munyamadzi - $26,500

(Nyamvu lies closer to the Luangwa national park hence the price difference - HOWEVER both have outstanding success on Leopard)

Inclusive of all hunting services, trophy fee for Leopard, all government licenses and fees, Dip & Pack, road transport from Lusaka airport.

Although we prefer to clarify all prices and safari details directly with you, below is a outline of what is included and what is not included as part of the BASE SAFARI RATE -

INCLUDED is your experienced professional hunter, their reliable 4x4 vehicle and team of trackers and skinners and support staff - tented or thatched accommodation with en suite facilities and fully serviced including daily laundry - all meals prepared from fresh ingredients and local game - delivery of trophies to agent for Dip & Pack - meet and greet and assistance upon arrival - road transport to hunting concession

NOT INCLUDED (unless specified otherwise) - is trophy fees for any animals killed or wounded - rifle import permit fee ($250) and hunting License fee ($150) - Dip & pack of trophies for export home ($1500) - gratuities for camp staff and PH

OTHER - it is recommended that you travel with full emergency Medical evacuation insurance - Observers are welcome at $250 per person per day.

Email for full details


For further information and full safari details please do not hesitate to contact Pete Swanepoel @ +1-720-277 1920 OR EMAIL