Hunt crocodile and hippo in africa

Mozambique Safari Hunting


with Niassaland Safaris

Hunt 400 kilometers of the mighty Zambezi river concession to help local villagers with their man eating crocodile problems. You get to hunt and fish, going after the crocodiles each day - you are allowed to shoot 2 per hunter and then get to keep one as a trophy skin - you also get to take a hippo and fishing for Africa's Tigerfish is not to be missed.

This trip is best suited for 2 or more hunters, preferably 4 hunters as this helps eliminate more of the problem Crocodiles - beasts in excess of 15 foot have been creating havoc along the Zambezi edge with local villagers - taking not only livestock but at least 50 people a year!


2x1 per hunter is $9,800

1x1 per hunter is $10,900

inclusive of the 2 Croc's per hunter, Hippo, government licenses, transport, meals, beverages, PH, staff etc.

This is not a luxury safari - all accomodation is in comfortable but basic safari tents with one shared ablution block with hot shower and long drop toilet for the camp. All other services are provided - meals, drinks, laundry, cleaning etc.

Hunt in Africa

For further information and full safari details please do not hesitate to contact Pete Swanepoel @ +1-720-277 1920 OR EMAIL

hunt hippo in Mozambique